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Because genetic information has an impact on the lives of patients and their families, it is imperative that physicians understand both the technological innovations and their appropriate use in clinical medicine. And while many physicians are aware of the exponential advances in genomic medicine, it often has been years since they have studied these subjects in school and they may feel less than comfortable discussing these subjects with their patients based on their own lack of updated knowledge. This totally impressive courseware will assist physicians in understanding new therapies, answering patient questions, and maintaining state-of-the-art knowledge.
Stefanie S. Jeffrey, M.D., Chief of Breast Surgery and Co-Investigator, Breast Cancer Genomics Program, Stanford University School of Medicine

This is a wonderful educational resource and your team is to be congratulated on a superb, complex, multimedia program…Superb graphics and design, loved the animations, good step-wise presentation leading up to more advanced concepts. Excellent section on clinical practice and correlation.
Golder Wilson, M.D., Professor, University of Texas Southwestern Medical School

[I liked] the ease of moving back and forth between topics. I liked the flow of the course, as well. The graphics and animation are superb.
Carolyn Hoppe, M.D., Children’s Hospital, Oakland, California

[I liked the] explanations of correct and incorrect answers on practice tests (including being directed to appropriate section).
Charles Bomzer, M.D., Oncology of Wisconsin, SC

I finally got my grades in and got some time to look at your masterpiece. It is beautiful! You have done a magnificent job handling a vast array of issues and information. This is an enormous contribution. I hope its availability won’t be limited to physicians.
Diane Beeson, Ph.D., California State University, Hayward

The CD represents the highest quality material that I’ve ever seen on this topic and has the potential to go far beyond physician education.
Lane Conn, M.A., DNA Sciences, Inc.